Austin City Limits Adventures

This past weekend I packed up my bags and went down south to Austin, Texas (ATX for short).



Once a year ATX hosts this huge music festival called Austin City Limits (ACL for short). Tons of bands come and preform in a huge park and it’s a TON of fun! If you ever get the chance to go, go.

Front Gates




My friend, Grace Shike (coolest directioner you’ll ever meet), saw lots of bands, such as: Little Green Cars, Muse, Kings of Leon, HAIM, Passion Pit, ect.

HAIM is a pretty cool group. They are great in person, and some wonderful people I’d like to get to know.


They also like crowd surfing. Quite cool.

Kings of Leon is a pretty nifty group as well.


Being the last show of the night, most people left towards the end of the show, but not us hard core rockers. We screamed and cheered for an encore. Even when the sky opened and it began to pour. After a few minutes of rain and cheers, the band came back out and played three more songs! Do you know how awesome you feel when you are screaming “Sex on Fire” in the pouring rain in ATX. No, you don’t, so I will tell you: it is the coolest thing you will ever do. Try it some time.

Unfortunately, the last day of ACL was canceled because of flooding of the concert grounds due to enormous amounts of rain (we probably experienced most of it during the Kings of Leon concert). So we toured ATX and visited some unofficial landmarks.



A wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend.



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