My Alter Ego Drives a Jeep

Ok, maybe it’s not so much my alter ego that drives a jeep as much as I just really wish I drove a jeep.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my car! I am so appreciative to be able to actually drive A car. But I wouldn’t complain if I drove a jeep.

Just imagine. It’s summer, and you’re dressed in a tank top and shorts. Your hair is up in a messy pony tail you’ll take down once you’re inside. And you’re driving a Jeep; tops down, doors off, just really enjoying that wind blowing through your hair. Luckily for you, the weather isn’t scorching today, so you’re not sweating. Then you pull up underneath this huge oak, and you’re meeting your other friend who drives a Jeep. And then you whip out your hammock and hang it between the two Jeeps, and relax the day away in the shade of the oak. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


Come on, how much fun does that look? Answer: lots ‘o fun.

Or you could road trip to California and take surf lessons in a Jeep. Or go to Colorado on Spring Break and hike in the mountains. Don’t all those things sound like so much fun! I just feel like the person I’m trying to be would drive a Jeep, because it already fits my lifestyle.

Or maybe I just have an obsession with Jeeps.



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